15 August 2013 Obama homily on Egypt another yawner...


(Jay Carney's p.m. West Wing gaggle)

Jay, My neighbor Josh Id, that contrary old bastard...his description, poses a question from his front porch claque, Occupy 43221...he said when the president just addressed the nation from his vacation retreat he sounded just like the Pope delivering one of his hollow homilies... scripted words expressing complete thoughts and saying nothing of urgency...he said we will not be taking part in joint military exercises with, Id's 43221 neighbors just yawned...again. Mr. Id expected the president to tell us the United States will not send Egypt that annual dole of ONE POINT FIVE BILLION Egypt wins the lottery...again...can you give us a date when President Obama will by executive order keep our
(RESPONSE: Mr. Carney exited the Gaggle assembledge)




3 December Please Western Union Ohio's governor that...


(eMail to Jim Carney)
3:14 AM

Please have someone in your office send a Western Union message to Ohio's governor that one of his flock made a major career move today... Herman Cain, caught in a ZipperGate scandal, has quit the race for the presidency. Godfather's toll-free number is 1-800-456-8347.



2 December 2011 Emergency: Ohio governor please note...


(eMail to Jim Carney)

Please bear with Ohio citizens, but they are resorting to asking your office to keep their governor informed when it comes to civil unrest, administrative breakdowns and traffic-blocking demonstrations on State House grounds.

Ohio's Bureau of Motor Vehicles may be closed Monday due to computer problems. BMV is still issuing pink-bordered driver's licenses, a major concern of the governor.

Also, there is a possible hate crime, graffiti slurs on the Little Turtle condo of a gay couple... Little Turtle is just south of the Ohio governor's two-lane blacktop route home at night when he is not in D.C. measuring the drapery.



1 December 2011 Ohio governor shuns newspapers???


(eMail to White House press gaggle)

Mr. Carney, today's Toledo Blade reported that Ohio's governor, his name escapes me at this Rick-Perry-moment, does not read that state's newspapers. Could you one soon morning gaggle of your top reporters from across the nation, do an informal Q&A to see if such a condition exists across the nation?

If other governors are following such a practice, then we have a national crisis... one that in a measure takes us back to getting alerts by smoke signals... the Ohio governor, ah, his name, ah... once was a pitch hitter for Fox's O'Reilly and had his own Fox hour on Saturday night... just an aside, but it appears his major endorsement for the high office came from his own city newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch and he may have neglected to thank that publication...

Ohio's top elected official says he only wants an "uplifting experience" when he reads little ink-on-pulp words. It has been suggested he subscribes to the weekly Christian Science Monitor and the Grit, that wonderful weekly loaded with recipes, dress patterns and Christian prayers. (The Grit on Wikipedia)

Situations such as this makes one wonder if the governor knows that Richard Nixon resigned...

The Grit Newspaper
The Grit delivery system



17 August 2011 It was all in the newspapers


(E-mail to the president aboard his bus in Illinois)

You might call this a Ron Paul talking point... he's rather abrupt about bringing our troops home saving a quick trillion dollars... McClatchy newspapers reports costs of Afghan and Iraqi wars are tough when it comes
to what they are costing us... this current fiscal year Congress gave the Pentagon $1.3 trillion... but spreadsheets are confusing, incomplete...add to that muddle the headline on an AP story... $360 Million finds way to Taliban, others...all that is dollar-talk... American troops killed to date in Afghanistan... 1,675... count on Ron Paul to give us updates...
any White House comment?



20 July 2011 US troops guarding Afghan poppy fields???


(Urgent inquiry to Obama press spokesman)

This date as the White House goes to the mat with difficult GOP holdouts over debt limitations, be advised your defense department continues to provide guard duty over the Afghan poppy fields. The nation is facing debt default in a week and you are still searching for ways to shrink the budget. A website called... provides pictorial proof of troop money being expended to support the Taliban and a corrupt Karzai family. Need reasons the win people support and bypass the Tea Party:

Military guarding Afghan Poppy Fields

Military Poppy Fields



12 July 2011 Help me to understand... just why?


Mr. Carney, I've been reading the daily changes on your briefing room posts and tuning in the president when he comes out of the deficits talks... would you care to speculate on the two serious questions never asked... apparently, never considered. When will President Obama stiffen his back and toss on the table... what say we follow what most American citizens are discussing as a way to get back to money sanity... should we go cold turkey and cut off all foreign aid? Should we consider doing the same with those Afghan killing fields and spend the reported nine-month time frame to get the last troop and tractor home?



3 July 2011 Here's an alarm button needing executive action


(eMail to President Obama via White House press room)

Almost a month has passed since your FDA refused to instantly halt sales of a known poisonous carcinogen, 3-Nitro, since 1944 being fed to chickens to promote growth. But the producer of the arsenic-laden feed, Pfizer, continued to sell for a month with the
promise to cease... giving chicken farmers "time to find alternatives." Isn't it time you called in your little-used, rather dormant, executive powers and direct the Food and Drug Administration to play cop? When it comes to the FDA, that outfit is toothless. But one five-minute, one-page edict from the Oval Office can save many lives. Any response?

Arsenic in your past? Click to learn more...



1 July 2011 Will Beck get WH press credentials


(eMail to White House press room)

Glenn Beck stepped down from his Fox News show on Thursday after two-and-half tumultuous, controversial years at the network. Beck and Fox News each benefited from their relationship—his popularity, and its ratings, both grew. But, as the criticism of Beck increased—and as an aggressive campaign caused up to 400 advertisers to drop their support of his show—both sides grew weary. His plan to create his own network. Will he be given WH Press Room credentials?

Glenn Beck Crying
Read about the finale on the Huffington Post



29 June 2011 Ed Koch to Obama: Bring all soldiers home now...


(E-mail to Jay Carney, White House Press Room)

Since the President's press conference at noon today, the voices are getting louder... this one from former New York mayor Ed Koch. The Koch message is simple, he does not want a single troop left in any war zone... noting that Obama intends to keep some grunts on foreign ground until 2014. Koch: "Bring all our soldiers home now." Is that message understood by anyone in the White House?



29 June 2011 Obama avoids mentioning Afghan money pit...


... about the press conference just concluded... Mr. Carney, my bitchy neighbor, Josh Id, is fuming mad because, he said, the president talked about jobs, building a rail system, doing all those things that need billions within our crumbling borders, but never touched on the biggest issue of today... those two billions of dollars being spent every week to build a nation out of the dust and corruption called Afghanistan... Id suggested I phrase the question to you like this... what the hell does the president not understand about the people shovelling out one more dollar to those Afghan thugs???



25 June 2011 Missouri lawmakers eat for free...


The Full Belly Lobby exists in every state... but the hired guns making law for Missourians may have the best deal yet. Talk about the gravy train... The St. Louis Post-Dispatch itemizes a goody list of stuff dumped on lawmakers elected to be impartial. Example: When considering a hand gun bill, they were served lunches by the National Rifle Association. The paper says lobbyists typically spend more than $400,000 feeding lawmakers... buying food virtually every day for house and senate members when they are in session. Leaders in both houses really scoop in the loot... Mr. President, while this is a state matter, would you care to comment?

Click to read the the Full Belly story

Deer Hunting
Are Missouri's lawmakers next to be served up on a plate?



6 April 2011 Karzai has threatened what???


(E-mail to White House press office)

With all your pressing issues today involving little things such as keeping the nation afloat in the payroll department, you may have missed a buried item on page 13 in the Wall Street Journal... the Afghans want to tax all those private security firms guarding our interests in that alleged nation... however, that is not a problem with taxpayers in my community... my readers were surprised to read that 30 security outfits... read that twice... THIRTY... U.S. companies on someone's payroll. So let us assume American taxpayers are footing that bill... dig up an answer on this matter... does the Pentagon have any sort of audit reports on what we are paying those private companies? Comment?



5 April 2011 Who will partner with Glen Beck???


(E-mail to the White House press office)

This may not be news to the White House, but street talk in remote Columbus has it that deposed Glenn Beck may follow the Oprah format who partnered her OWN with a successful cable network rather than do a costly startup... could it be that Beck is talking with Pat Robertson about taking his evangelical show to the 700 Club? Comment?



18 March 2011 MacAurthur's troops still in Japan?


(E-mailed question to Jay Carney et al)

Comment, response, smoke signals... anything from anyone in the White House needed on this one... today's (Wall Street) Journal front paged a story about Japan's nuke response breeding mistrust... but the ball buster in this yarn is buried deep on the jump... page A12... besides Citizen Josh Id, it has to be known that the US still has a costly army in Japan... our military presence reads like this... includes military families and civilians... 38,000 troops, 43,000 dependents... and what really needs the bright sunshine treatment... 5,000 Pentagon civilian employees. Five thousand??? Does the president know he has a ready army living on shaky land in Japan? And, a follow-up... is this an operative arm of the military-industrial complex Ike warned us about???



4 March 2011 'blog vs. journ' still with us...


Mr. Carney... granted the White House mind today centers on Lybia... so consider this a citizen backgrounder to stimulate media thought for the 2012 election. Within the legit journalism community the deep devide between bloggers and reporters is gaining steam... bloggers have won the numbers battle for the simple reason the First Amendment is a protective umbrella for all with a keyboard to practice junk journalism. Prof Tom McPhail at U. of Missouri has coined my favorite... "pretent journalists" for bloggers who "thrive on rumor and innuendo." With axes to grind they are producing for a gossip-hungry readership... to hell with any fact checking... screw talk about ethics. The Columbus Dispatch's editor doesn't screw around with nice talk. On bloggers his summation: "Lazy, biased reporting makes me sick." So, consider this upcoming problem... could or will you poll the all-governing White House correspondents about any plans to recognize bloggers, the junkers and the pretenders included?


  2 March 2011 Josh Id: Put Congress on the clock


Mr. Carney... about this Josh Id today... he wants a reaction, not support or rejection... just a simple reply or retort to his planning to run for a Congressional seat soonest. Simply put, I think the Id suggestion will be to put members of both houses on the clock. Comment on that???

(Briefing room lights were lowered.)

  1 March 2011 Jobs Policy advocated for Congress


Mr. Carney, in your new position of... some suspect... a pipeline flow of citizen thought... not just hard voter thought by from the Joe Six Shots wanting answers... meet Josh Id. The gent texed me about Congress returning today to pick up their checks or change the sheets in their office bunks... something like that... Citizen Id is having thoughts about elected members of both houses actually punching a clock on their in-session days. He's working a 40-hour week. He reminds me that he clocks in on a normal week of Monday through Friday. He takes the position that a management team sets his work rules and hours. One thing upsetting Mr. Id today is the practice of House members hanging around in the chamber until three in the morning... captives of rules of they're creation rioling them into such foolishness... Mr. Carney... not sure of his message other than he just wants someone on your level to know there is a more efficient way to make sausage... or, whatever. His quick solution to getting, as he notes... our money's worth from Congress: If you do the job, you get to keep it. I suspect Josh Id is thinking about running for some elective office. Care to get an Obama comment on the short work weeks for the legislative branch?

  28 February 2011 What a far-out idea this is...


Mr. Carney, yesterday's Columbus Dispatch inked a basic civics idea in 17 lines that almost sounds subversive. Two (*) Ohioans, one a Democrat, his partner a Republican... both prominent in their own parties, have joined together to push for an end to the Electoral College. They have joined what may be a secret organization flying under an important-sounding name of National Popular Vote. That outfit wants to change the way this country has been confusing voters for decades... not so plainly mentioned in the story... but these people are toying with the idea that a majority rules...a dusty idea right out of middle school civics. They want a majority of states to join in a system calling for the majority vote in all 50 states to be used in naming the president. What a concept! My question: Is there a copy of some vague and ancient booklet called
Roberts Rules of Order in the West Wing? We should know more about people advocating such...

CLICK: Abolish Electoral College idiocy = Support National Popular Vote

(*) Their names for public record: David J. Leland (D) and Jon Allison (R).


  15 February 2011 David Stockman, Obama Needs You


Mr. Carney, the president's budget blueprint as you phrase it... submitted this morning reads differently for everyone I've talked with today. Two questions: Could the administration use someone like David Stockman (*) to explain or discuss the matter of the Pentagon asking for more than a hundred billion to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... in 2012... in 2012? And will there be
anyone in the White House speaking to us about the overall request from the Pentagon for a total of $670.6 billion for 2012? I ask that because this morning (New York) Times buried the military numbers far back in the business section... these numbers I give you were almost lost in all that ink. Your serve.

(*) David Stockman was budget director for Ronald Reagan and once prepared a budget calling for $400 billion-plus. It is assumed he has serious thoughts about a national blueprint calling for $3.7 trillion.

  14 February 2011 Joe Six Shots Wants Answers


Mr. Carney, your first day at the podium will be a busy one. Permit me to intro my inquisitive neighbor, Josh Id. He just scanned the Washington Post news alert that president Obama's budget blueprint is for $3.7 trillion (dollars). The Post says that number "would trim or terminate more than 200 federal programs next year." Mr. Id says he frames his questions for Joe Six Shots... that Joe Six Pack is so distraught for not getting answers... that he has moved on to hard drink... now, with this 12-pounds of blueprint, is there any mention of totally pulling out of that money cesspool of Afghanistan? Id is of the mind-set that many of our deficit problems could begin to see salvation is we stop building roads and power plants for the Afghans. Mr. Carney, can you get some tweak of an answer for the Joe-crowd?


  12 February 2011 Tough Print Guy New WH Press Voice


(Memo to the Sunday a.m. gaggle, Jay Carney Edition)

Jay you're in for a fast ride. As mouthpiece for Joe Biden we assume that was more fun than what you are in for beginning today. You are taking over a briefing room loaded with all sorts of media types... in this room there are three of the 49 seat assignments listed for church groups, the "for profit" religions... your old magazine, TIME, is there with most legit news organizations... all national newspapers, the ink type, are there... may I be bold enough to repeat street talk... the Obama White House does not have the best of relationships with the press, the legit press presently seated in 46 of the briefing room count... just yesterday, Politico, row 3, five in, says your mandate is to cultivate "better relations with journalists." Use of "journalists" tends to be all inclusive... rather large... and then Politico adds this zinger... your emphasis to be... "especially print scribes." New podium pitch man, say Politico is right on... lastly, there will be a.m. Jay Carney gaggles, right?

Joe Biden, Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs
The White House press briefing room has a print guy at the helm, Jay Carney, center, comes from running TIME magazine's Washington bureau by way of being spokesman for Joe Biden, left. Robert Gibbs, right, steps down from the Obama group for rest and whatever. Bet on it: Gibbs will be one of the top and rested brains when Obama files for a second term.


  9 February 2011 POST: Married GOP Sex Toy Quits Congress


(E-mail to Gibbs Gaggle)

Gossip is good when it springs from the opposite party. Tomorrow a. m. the Washington Post will have this story. A sitting Republican picked up Blackberry, dashed out
of the House chamber... told his staff he was quitting... ah, Gawker has struck again, this time with male cheesecake as displayed from a Craigslist posting... have to ask... any comment from the administration???

Christopher Lee Shirtless


  8 February 2011 POST: What's It Like Behind that Podium?


Mr. Gibbs, is this a familiar setting for your future...??? A gaggle of former press secretaries are on speaking tours for big bucks. They all have literary agents. All have written books about experiences behind that Brady Briefing Room podium... at least one of this quartet was close enough to the president to sit in on high level policy meetings... street talk says you may claim a title of being an undercover policy wonk for President Obama. Care to comment on that today... or will you be saving such goodies for the hard covers at $36 a pop... from Amazon?

Four former White House press secretaries speak with SMPA Director Frank Sesno in Lisner Auditorium Monday. From left, Mike McCurry, Dana Perino, Sesno, Ari Fleischer and Dee Dee Myers. Jordan Emont | Contributing Photo Editor/by the GW Hatchet


  28 January 2011


(E-mail to the Gibbs Gaggle hopper of Non-Responses) anyone in the morning conclave...the age of the Internet in a form totally not in the hands of any government entitiy, totally at the will of anyone with a keyboard...
has really arrived in the definitive form of WikiLeaks... in case the Obama hired help needs to know what they're dealing with, writer Greg Mitchell turns historian today with his latest book... The Age Of WikiLeaks... we have a newsroom bet... WikiLeaks will be nominated for a Nobel...


  8 January 2011


(E-mail to the Gibbs Gaggle hopper of Non-Responses)

Share with Gaggle: Just in case your assembled multitude was busy tonight with the breaking news between noon and 11 p.m. this date, I submit this commentary by Keith Olbermann that ranks right up there with Edward R. Murrow's best... should MSNBC neglect to submit this for Pulitzer consideration, I will. Should the NRA want to question my journalistic impartialitly, target this... ...

Keith Olbermann Issues Special Comment On Arizona Shooting: 'Violence Has No Place In Democracy' (Full story on Huffington Post)

Appearing on a special edition of "Countdown," Olbermann told his audience that "we need to put the guns down. Just as importantly we need to put the gun metaphors away and permanently." Olbermann continued, "Left, right, middle - politicians and citizens - sane and insane. This morning in Arizona, this age in which this country would accept "targeting" of political opponents and putting bullseyes over their faces and of the dangerous blurring between political rallies and gun shows, ended."


From Josh Id, mere citizen: "A line has been drawn in the sand in Arizonia. Which side of that line do you choose to stand?"


  7 January 2011


(E-mail to the departing Gibbs)

The gentleman in the third row, five over, Politico's Michael Calderone, reports that you think there "is too much coverage of who's up and why people do things other than what your doing," adding this juicy bit... "everybody is now a wire reporter." My question: "Are you concerned that shoot-from-the-lip bloggers and fat-fingered tweeters are stirring the gossip pots of rumor and rumbles?

Link to's article


  2 January 2011


(E-mail to Gibbs aboard Air Force One)

Robert, far and a way back in the year just departed, Jim Romenesko... Poynter, referenced the issue that you are "notoriously tough to get on the phone..."

That's credited to Jason Horowitz... MSG TV... not to be confused with Monosodium Glutamate... he wrote this about your M/O... "His soliloquies are full of 'first and foremost' and 'I will say this,' and he relies on escape-hatch promises to 'check and get back to you." Two questions: If you enter private business after your White House grind, will those habits continue? And will the White House ever add another seven-seat row of chairs to include, among other legit media ventures... the Poynter Institute as representative for all journalism schools?


  31 December 2010


(E-mail to WH press office)

To Whom These Presents May Concern... while the White House works out of Hawaii today, here's a pitch that has been waiting to see advance of the change of command for Congress...a Congress that is infested with Tea Baggers arriving in D. C. after winning on their pissing-in-the-wind promise to "change Washington," consider this: Let's change Washington. Google the simple phrase "running against Washington" and there are "about 11,100,000 results." Realize that eleven million somebodies are out there thinking, talking about vacating has to be assumed Congress could be the starting point to move the seat of a law-making government to a new and fresh location as a solution to all the perceived ills of a bogged down slice of government, a tainted one-third of a planned democracy with three branches for a working government. A starter debate: Move both houses of Congress to West Branch, Iowa; Leave the District of Columbia, all the parks and marble, the Smithsonian Institute, the 30,000 lobbyists on K-Street, the gangs and the crime and that building where money is printed to the tourists.

Why West Branch, Iowa? Why not?


  29 December 2010


(Smoke signal to the Gibbs office)

Re Vacate Washington of previous dates: Relocation suggestions incoming range from Wounded Knee, SD to West Branch, Iowa. The message center remains open. West Branch in the lead for this date.


  20 December 2010


Editor Ray Cathode note: We are getting suggestions to Vacate Washington and relocate to the geographic center of the United States. Details to follow...

From Wikipedia: That exact lower-48 location is pinpointed by a historical marker located in a small park near the town of Lebanon, Kansas. It is located at the intersection of AA Road and K-191, accessible by a turn-off from US Rt. 281 approximately a mile north of the town.

Cathode note: Even Congress doesn't deserve that. Keep suggestions coming:


  17 December 2010

President Obama

(Follow-up E-mail re: Vacate Washington to the Gibbs Office)

An aggrieved Ohio citizen-taxpayer sent this question relating to the vague proposal to vacate Washington: Do incoming Congress persons know the history of moving the United States capital from a growing New York to Philadelphia and into what we called a planned District of Columbia? Some historians cite planners for considering the then central location of the population in the 13 colonies.


  15 December 2010


(E-mail to the Gibbs morning gaggle)

Ohioan Josh Id, adult US citizen sans both press portfolio and FBI dossier, asked me to pass along this image of the transplanted capital, circa 1960, of Brazil. At the time intent was to move that nation's then corrupt seat of lawmaking from Rio de Janeiro to a planned locale central to the population. Sound familiar? Id says Rio today is a city with a rotten core... drug lords rule a city that is musty slums bordered by a pristine sandy coastline. Two questions: How far along is the US in security planning for the Olympics in Rio? Lastly, can you get a comment on the if-ever suggestion that our incoming lawmakers study a plan to vacate Washington?


  13 December 2010


(E-mail to the Gibbs morning gaggle)

Share this with your morning gaggle. Call it a reminder of stories past... since your assembled multitude this a.m. may be composed of reporters with memories that do not go back beyond the Carter administration... Raymond Cathode, my editor, wants to pass along this bit of military history... Walter Cronkite on February 27, 1968... then considered the most trusted man in America, delivered the media blow that brought this country to its senses... boiled down, he said "we are mired in stalemate..." he was referring the Viet Nam war... without using such a phrase, Cronkite was telling the military complex... in league with the political complex... to end such foolishness and bring our troops home. Today, this date, we have another wise voice being heard... Edward Koch... his message... bluntly... pouring more money and blood into Afghanistan is unacceptable... Cathode suggested you poll your crowd to see if there is a Cronkite in the room... his best, my best to you for the holidays...


  10 December 2010


(E-mail to Gibbs office)

Raymond Cathode wants to know: At what stage or date does this administration begin to be concerned about the growing crime in Rio de Janeiro? And if there are concerns about our entry into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil... or... if we give a damn about any soccer competitions... lastly in this batch of concerns, since the president's bid for the 2016 Olympic Games netted his Chicago fourth place, is he concerned to any degree in sending our teams to a nation overloaded with a drug culture that is armed better than some small nations and working with so much known police corruption?


  8 December 2010

President Obama

Mr. Gibbs, my neighbor, Josh Id, called me to pose this question... how is it that the FAA records indicate that 119,000 airplanes with numbers appear to be missing from the files... the folders, the main frames or where ever... that we supposedly have 357,000 private and commercial aircraft flitting about up there and the FAA bookkeeping is described as being "in such disarray" that criminals... anyone, terrorists, could buy an airplane... well, you get the picture, all my informant wants is some explanation... is or will there be one?


  30 November 2010

President Obama

Mr. President, I know you're more concerned today with making happy talk with the GOP leadership, but the L. A. Times reports that an Afghan cop, possibly a friendly trained by our troops, opened fire and killed six Americans... all six identified as U. S. troops... this killing is a repeat of other such credited to Afghans in their uniforms... if this proves to be the case... American troops killed in that country, the total to date since we entered that war... October 2001... is 1,335... Mr. President, a personal thought on what is being repeated in Afghanistan, please...


  26 November 2010


Mr. President, Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street this a.m. suggests you burst out of your bubble and bring on a new staffer... Special Assistant for Reality, someone to guide you back to understand what's on minds of average citizens... she reviews your Kokomo trip to talk up how Chrysler is doing on their jobs comeback... she says on such a trip your are in a bubble of Secret Service, aides... local security ...that you already have special assistants for domestic policy, national security and for congressional relations, the latter to explain to you what is going on at the other end of Pennsylvania. Then in a virtual Q&A Noonan solves all your bubble problems... your new appointee tells you Americans don't like strangers, even those in uniforms, touching... I am reading here... private parts ...then she gets a bit earthy... you learn that ...quote... every businessman in America already thinks you've been grabbing his gonads... and that you'll continue that general symbolism... Mr. President, has anyone in your bubble clipped or briefed you on Ms. Noonan's suggestion?

(Before he could reply, Mr. Gibbs moved closer to the podium, whispering... out of hearing range as the electrical power failed, darkening the press room.)


  25 November 2010

Wilma Mankiller

(E-mail to Gibbs office)

Since this is may be considered a holy day when it comes to food... and the participation in what many consider their historical offering... the Cherokee Nation's recently departed leader, Wilma Mankiller, left this bit of unfinished business... her followers continue to hold out hope that President Obama is someone who understands... it is possible that his executive order could finally resolve the relocation issues involving the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Wilma Mankiller's people... their issue dates to the 1950s when Native Americans were packed up and moved off their lands... the Government, our Government then allowed oil speculators, oil companies to buy their land, mineral rights included... for what would be pennies on the dollar of today... now, almost 60 years later, is it possible to even consider an executive order to get resolution ...satisfaction for Native Americans still living?


  22 November 2010


(Enquiry to press secretary by E-mail this date)

Copies of the 29 November issue of The Nation are firing away at the president's... a quote... omens to the right... without using the word... writer Alexander Cockburn implies the president is confused by all the factors that plague his very occupancy in the White House... the
headline... Run, Russ, Run... in a measure is a directive to Russ Feingold... do not get involved with all the perceived failures of this president... the writer details Feingold's solid gold record as a progressive... stay the course by avoiding any invitation to join the Democrats in the 2012 fraças... the message... the Wisconsin senator must run from the left, use his populist resume... sell Russ Feingold... what say the White House?

(Copy of this enquiry filed as jousting at windmills.)


  21 November 2010


(E-mail to Gibbs office)

Sorry to wax poetic on your day of rest, however...
poet Allen Ginsberg's America during the darkest Cold War days had this line... "America it's them bad Russians..." Punctuation his. But he carried the gospel of hate and distrust for everything Soviet at the time... today's Washington Post reports the Russians will join Europe's defense by cooperating with NATO in erecting a U.S.-planned anti-missile network. Comment on just who in the Republican leadership will be working with the White House on this?

(Follow-up questions will be posed soonest.)


  20 November 2010

John Kasich

(Note submitted by E-Mail to Gibbs)

Ohio's incoming governor has said he does not want the $400 million in passenger rail money that could run high speed trains from Cincinnati thru Columbus and into Cleveland. Other governors, mostly Democrats, want the money. While you are on record as sticking to the original intent for the money, will the administration take a different stand or cave once the GOP takes over the house?

(The Gibbs office did not respond.)


  19 November 2010


(Note submitted by E-mail to Gibbs)

Media Matters, quoted this a.m. by the AP, says the GOP has a Fox presidential primary in the works... that five Fox News employees... on camera... are potential 2012 candidates for Obama's job... that's Sarah Palin and four
others... Media Matters tallied their on-air time at nearly 60 hours the first 10 months of this year... using Fox advertising rates... that is... the quote... "at least $40 million of free air time..." Any comment?

(The Gibbs office did not respond.)


  17 November 2010


Thank you, sir. This morning the McClatchy Newspapers broke the news... well, credited the White House for unveiling a future plan for Afghanistan... a plan that sees U. S. troops remaining there until 2014... that could confuse the non-reading public when they hear such news on one of the 90-second sound bites on a cable news show... street talk today keeps harping back to your 2011 as of pull-out date... my editors have a pop-up file slugged MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX... they want to know if you are caving...

  8 November 2010


URGENT to WH press office:
Will the administration comment on any intent to resolve jurisdiction of foreign flagged liners plying international waters while loaded with US citizens? USA Today this hour running this headline... situation grim on fire-damaged Carnival cruise ship. My office is being swamped with text messages asking WHO DO WE SUE?
Carnival says 3,000 passengers sans hot food, air conditioning, working toilets.

Carnival ship dead in the water after fire in engine room

An early morning fire on one of Carnival Cruise Lines' largest ships, the 113,000-ton Carnival Splendor, has left the vessel dead in the water off the coast of Mexico.


  8 November 2010


(Submitted by E-mail; Gibbs in New Delhi)
Gibbs, this a.m. WSJ ran a Reuters image of first lady and president at Humayum tomb. She appears to be holding her hands linked as if cradling a baby. Is the first lady with child? The gossip sheets are firing away. TMZ will air tonight for sure, confirmed or not.

(Note: No response received from the White House)

  31 October 2010

President Karzai

Mr. Gibbs, it may be that I am repeating myself with this question, so let's blame it on a text from someone named Josh Id... he has texted me before telling me he never reads and hears anyone in authority... White House level... the AP has moved a story datelined Kabul that has Karzai being upset because his former enemy, Russia, Russian narcs worked with NATO forces to take down a drug lord and bagged $56 million in product from four drug labs... Karzai is bitched off because he was not kept advised of the raid... when I quote AP calling it a NATO operation, the story later resolves it down to "U. S. and Russian forces... "Care to give us a more exacting explanation of our involvement in playing drug narc in Afghanistan...?

(An unsmiling Gibbs: No.)

  31 October 2010


aaaah, well, in light of that lengthy response... a second question... in a lighter sense... the New York Times this a. m. devoted two grafs at the story end... to the Comedy Central rally in D. C. How refreshing it is to get accurate numbers as to attendance... in post-rally interviews, Jon Stewart said they drew more than 10 million... The partner-in-fun, Stephen Colbert, was bit larger... "early estimates were six billion"... billion, with a big fat B... for billion." Since the National Park Service is chicken and passes on making such judgments of crowds... you... you care to get involved?

(A still grim Gibbs: Like I

  30 October 2010 - 8 a.m.










John Brennan

It was in all the newspapers... Ink-on-pulp type...

Newspapers October 30 2010

(Setting: Gibb's office for his informal morning Press Gaggle)

... ah, Robert... I have a text from a J-school class wanting to know something about the cable coverage which they found a bit strange... let me spell it out...

The president comes on and confirms what was floating around as a rumor... it was a"credible terrorist threat." Then you take over... You intro John Brennan, the White House's counterterrorism advisor... he holds forth for 33 minutes in what is being described as the nation's first full dress introduction to the man... Brennan spells out minute-by-minute what took place and seemingly detailed information from the time the president was notified at around 10 p.m. Thursday night. Am I correct thus far?

A somber Gibbs: "Thus far... go ahead..."

My student request to you... CNN and MSNBC stayed with the press conference like glue on silk... from the moment you walked to the podium. But Fox News put Cavuto on screen and kept him there... periodically between commercials reporting of the breaking news with "apparently" in referencing what was coming in from Yemen, Dubai, the UK, New York and Philadelphia... when Brennan stepped away, and you promised to brief us today for the weekend, Cavuto brought on that preacher, Mike Huckabee... he proceeded to give a replay of Middle Eastern terrorism... one of next Cavuto guests... I do not have his name... according to this student text, the guy was discussing the Pentagon defense budget... the next thing noted... the spots from Geico and Viagra were doing the Fox screen... could you comment?

Gibbs, quickly pointing to the AP guy: "No."



28 October 2010 Will Gibbs make his Twit Tweets public?


Mr. Gibbs, this a. m. you announced you were now trapped into the Twitter generation, a media dark hole from which there is no escape. You are inviting comment. You are inviting questions. Are we to assume you will be taking questions, plural, from all sources beyond the White House grounds? Legit reporters and thinkers posted here as long suffering Corrupt Bastards seem interested... they are reading your Twit postings but cannot find your answers or any signs of life, nee response, from Robert Gibbs. So, what is the intent of...

or is it...


or, are the incoming considered to be political Molotovs from bomb tossers working outside the official White House press room?

Click onto our WH Twit source...


From the Gibbs' morning Press Gaggle gathering:


aaaah, I don't expect an answer from you on this one, but it will make your day, possibly... a neighbor of mine asked me if I knew anything about "this woman who is buying up houses all over Columbus...." She said her name is Fannie Mae according to real estate listings in the Sunday Columbus Dispatch. All I really know about my neighbor is that she's a staunch Tea Partier...

(Laughter. A reporter sitting in front of me turned and said... "I want her name and address...")

  23 October 2010


Mr. Gibbs... since the president is aboard Air Force One in Kansas or some such on the vote hunt, would you query the Pentagon for details about the latest plan on what the AP calls... a five-year, $2 billion military-aid package for Pakistan... described as a "key regional ally" in the fight against extremists... my follow-up concerns this... just which alleged leader in Pakistan will be handling the two billion......?

Mr. Gibbs replied:  To your questions in order... no and I don't know...


  18 October 2010

President Obama

Mr. President, Time Magazine out today covers Joe Klein's six thousand mile journey across the nation... talking... and listening... to people in 12 states... in Phoenix he wrote about what he called a group of prominent civic leaders and that it didn't take long for the conversation to get around... get this... to the fall of the Ottoman Empire... I want to ask how many Americans are knowledgeable sufficiently to know anything about the Ottoman Empire, but I will confine my question to this... Joe says that's what smart people are talking about these days... he writes... Topic A is the growing sense that our best days as a nation are behind us... Mr. President, last night you and Mrs. Obama wowed an overflow audience on the Ohio State University oval... do you think any one student in those thousands... is concerned about the end of our best days as a nation???

Press Secretary Gibbs




Press Secretary Gibbs:
"you, there in the back
row... left..."


  15 October 2010
  ...aaah, thank you though slightly belated, actually since last June 19 when this story broke... the Pentagon spent $648 million to buy junker Russian-made choppers for what's left of the Afghan air force... I do not recall any response coming from the White House... care to update us???

  4 October 2010


Mr. Gibbs, my inquiry involves a tinge of history, but it could be construed as a campaign suggestion should the president decide to mount his bully pulpit... in case the White House missed the Washington Times this week... it was in all the daily newspapers... A united Germany made the final payment of $94 million on its World War I debt. As for any Third Reich payment for WW Two, that's toast... the Soviets took the Allies to the cleaners, claimed all the marbles... er, marks...

Mr. Gibbs, unsmiling: Is this a question for the Smithsonian or the White House?

Actually, sir, it is a follow-up to my 28 July question... which was never answered when the Pentagon lost count of some $8 billion earmarked to rebuild Iraq, supposedly with Iraqi money from oil sales... the raw question: Does this White House have any plans, or intent, to arrange for NATO or this country to recoup war costs?

Mr. Gibbs: I'll get back to you.


  15 September 2010


Mr. Gibbs, this is a follow-up to the vague information given by the president yesterday... AP reporter Anne Gearan credited the Wall Street Journal with giving numbers on the sale of combat weaponry to the Saudis, but then said defense officials only spoke on conditions of anonymity... further she wrote that the Pentagon is... quotes again... "considering an additional request to sell roughly $30 billion in advanced naval technology to Saudi Arabia... "Those unnamed defense officials"... again...

Mr. Gibbs' retort: Whoa whoa... who gives you these questions? Rachel Maddow?

Ahhhh... sir, if Ms. Maddow had a seat in this august setting, you would be getting historic inquiries about Eisenhower's 1961 warning against a military-industrial complex... he talked about the acquisition of unwarranted influences...

Mr. Gibbs, pointing: "You, Fox News..."


  14 September 2010

President Obama

Mr. President, the AP says your administration wants
Congress to do the... and I quote... do the "go-ahead"
on selling $60 billion worth of sophisticated warplanes
to Saudi Arabia... Saudi Arabia... besides the stated
fact that such a deal would give the Saudis air power
to control the Middle East... that includes Israel... do
you care to comment on how such a sale squares...
or balances out with what we dole out to finance
outright for the Israeli air force?

  7 September 2010

President Obama

ahhh, Mr. President, this morning the Associated Press sourced a NATO training document saying the United States will spend $6 billion a year training and supporting Afghan troops and security forces after NATO begins pulling out combat troops in 2011... the document... AP quotes... the billions will go for  a military hospital and military and police academies... plus large scale infrastructure... Mr. President, to put you on the spot, could you equate some of the same such needs in this country... those needing that six billion... billion with-a-B-dollars????

  28 July 2010

Mr. Gibbs, I do not make this a yes-or-no question... but if I may preface, please... my hometown newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, this morning... ran this headline... "Audit can't account for $8.7 billion in Iraq funds." In the lead graf, it says the Pentagon cannot account for 95 percent of $9.1 billion in monies intended to fund Iraqi reconstruction... electricity, water, fuel, high unemployment, the story mentions everything that could be referenced to what is taking place...

Mr. Gibbs: "Is your question from the AP or The Nation? There, on the end, Newsweek.

Newsweek? Sir, are they still in the room?


  28 July 2010
President Obama

aaahh, Mr. President, complaints dating back to 2003 contend that U. S. troops failed to secure the banks, armories and other public facilities when they entered Baghdad. As a result, looters took over and we all remember those scenes on CNN... now we learn from the AP that $8.7 billion of Iraqi money is missing... money managed by the Pentagon... unaccounted for by an audit... that money was intended to reconstruct electric power plans and other such utilities... the lights are still out and the water supplies are unsafe... couldn't you, by executive order, dig into the Defense Department innards and find out where the cash is and who is at fault???

That is the sort of question the average person is asking... And thank you, sir... for a reply.


  19 June 2010

President Obama

Mr. President, this morning my newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, ran 23 lines with the headline... Afghans get $648 million worth of Russian choppers... The story said the U. S. Government "is snapping up Russian-made" helicopters to form "the core of Afghanistan's fledgling air force." The Pentagon spent the millions to buy or refurbish the choppers... and it intends to buy 10 more of the Mi-17s next year... and has plans to buy dozens more over the next decade... the reason... because they are the ones the Afghan pilots know how to fly.... my question... is the Pentagon planning military moves such as this for the coming decade? And... is Congess involved in this venture?
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