Grump on KDKA Radio
... Doral Chenoweth, left, with host Mike Levine some decades ago on the world's oldest commercial radio station, KDKA Pittsburgh ...
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  Known in his home city of Columbus, Ohio, as the elder in a family of journalists, Doral Chenoweth never made it to White House Press Room as an accredited reporter. But, he's been around the ink-on-pulp horn when it comes newspapering. He's been a stringer, beat reporter, city editor, managing editor, editor, gossip columnist, restaurant reviewer and critic.
Grump with the Police
... a pad and pencil reporter at work ... midnight, Columbus, getting a story from police Sgt. Bob Brush ... the 1950's

Enter the Internet. Enter two patient webmasters, Philip Vaughn and Raymond Cathode, to construct multiple websites organizing Chenoweth's steady flow of copy and kindred images. Vaughn organized his World War II writings; Cathode brings him into the present as an Internet reporter, virtual accreditation.

As to his qualifications, here's Philip Vaughn's keyboard sketch of his client on ... with music, no less.

"Doral Chenoweth, aka The Grumpy Gourmet for The Columbus Dispatch, is a holdover from the journalistic era of hot type, Linotypes, 12-pica columns and street sale extra press runs.

Grump at Picadilly Circus
... a more pleasant assignment, the middle of London, Eros, reporting from Fleet Street ...

"His serious writing credits: The Raleigh News & Observer, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Des Moines Register, Manchester Union-Guardian, United Press International, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Rodale Environmental Newsletter, and a dozen trade magazines of little note.

"And, yes, Mad Magazine.

"Chenoweth is a member of proper professional societies, a 50-plus-year member of the Society for Professional Journalists and the National Press Club. He is a lifetime member of the New York Dramatist Guild."

Grump with the Police
.. not really, but this is the public perception of a restaurant reviewer at work...
Gump at his desk
... where all info from doers and informed folk see light ...

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