Corrupt Bastards


Here are our suggested invitees to join in and become Corrupt Bastards... (Alphabetical: No Office Holders, Movie Stars, Gossip Mongers, Couturiers or Felons invited):

Lee Abrams, veteran radio programmer and innovator says "radio must wake up from its creative coma." He posed this question to an assembled multitude of talkers: "Why do we compete only for news, weather, sports, music, talk and mornings? Those are no-brainers." The gent was talking about average cities with multible sticks, say 27 in a given market bidding for advertising dollars and all with syndicated (i.e. cheap) gunk. Abrams is an authority on content. He should be in the Grump Radio chair, panning for food nuggets as provocateur... He will have ???s relating to the FCC... and, all about TALK radio in today's mind-set...

Roger Ailes, the master communicator who wrote his book on how to be such, today commands the result, Fox News network with double the eyeball count of two other cable nets combined, CNN and MSNBC. Today, it is the Ailes generosity funding one of the nation's respected news prep programs, Ohio University. In the 1960s Ailes was station manager in the formative years of WOAB Radio and WOAB-TV for OU in Athens, Ohio. We think there is an interest in seeing today's Fox News creator in his academic career... when he held media gabfests over coffee at Blackmore's eatery, a student gathering place. The man who wrote the book on showcasing public issues surely would be an interesting examiner, er, question poser. If such should come to pass, occupants of the other 49 chairs would twist their collective necks to the rear row left.
Roger Ailes

Al Jazeera, why not? If for other reason than this Arabic-language network is banned in Egypt after giving the explosive Middle East a bloody picture of the revolution. Until the WH press corps gets around to dropping one or a couple non-entities, Big Al-Z is welcome at Row 8, left seat. Non-entity: CCH (Commerce Clearing House) Row 6, second seat. For cause, ask Wikipedia.

Gloria Allred, Sue the bastards. The Grump will pay all filing fees. Then book Leno, Letterman and Kimmel to reach the after-dark crowd that missed the 11 o'clock news. She's to be counsel for that strongest of plaintiffs, those only who have the Court of Public Opinion on their side. The Allred bio: Has a well-documented "career fighting on the front lines for victims' rights." There are some 300 million victims of food issues in this USA. It has been suggested... Ms. Allred could host this TALK show with daily issues spelled out ...
Gloria Allread on Wikipedia

Michelle Alexander, law professor, The Ohio State University, a national authority on prisons being overloaded by convictions for drug raps... some serving life...

Julian Assange, information anarchrist, while he may require diplomatic immunity, anyone who claims to have more than 250,000 US State Department documents when his initial two WikiLeaks postings totaled only 1,621... needs safe passage within earshot of the man in charge, 44. Say you first read it here: WikiLeaks will be nominated for the Nobel Prize for peace. Julian Assange

Rudy Avalos, international restaurant food reporter, reviewer, critic; authority on new NYC openings

Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft

Glenn Beck UPDATE: a powerful evangelical voice right out of southern hillsides was previously listed (invited) to appear in the Virtual White House press room, has since been scrubbed. Reasons: His FOX NEWS commentaries called for violence, such as "Kill Michael Moore." Later he suggested killing a public figure with a shovel. And now for the ultimate: Beck has published this set of guidelines... Google this... Glenn Beck's Top Ten Reasons To Kill Your Congressman

Joy Behar, every woman's protagonist
Lewis Black, ALL administrations need a Lewis Black
Ruby Bridges: "Mr. President, will this country ever accept us as equals?"

Tina Brown UPDATE:Tina Brown still welcome, however she's since been jolted upward from her top slot at The Daily Beast (7 employees) to top command post in the joint resuscitation adventure with Sidney Harman's media toy, Newsweek (250 employees remaining). Pre-nup protects Barry Diller. Newsweek has a firm seat in briefing room, fifth row back, first chair.

Willis Brown, world-renowned agriculturalist

Patrick J. Buchanan, his motto, right from the beginning, is apropo for his long Washington career. His amazing civil discourse hinged to the policy issues of this and two previous decades positions Buchanan as a prime rep for the political Right, not the Republican party. He was a top level White House staffer for three GOP presidents. When he eventually disagreed with GOP policy he stepped away from his media career and ran for president, once in the primary against George Bush 41, and against Bob Dole. He's ridden his master's degree in journalism Patrick Buchanan
(Columbia, 1962) to become a syndicated ink-on-pulp columnist and a founding member of three outstanding television talk shows, The McLaughlin Group, Capital Gang and Crossfire. Today he is political analyst for MSNBC. His Right voice should have a White House press chair from which to frame ???s.

William F. Buckley
Barbara Bush
Jack Cafferty, his business is asking questions...
Margaret Carlson, tracks Sarah Palin for Bloomberg News

Tucker Carlson UPDATE: Delisted. No longer considered following his statement that quarterback Michael Vick should have been executed for his crimes against dogs. Executed? Our earlier endorsement of his career was that
he "needs a place to opine." Scrub that thought.

David Carr, The Media Equation
The New York Times

Click: Cue the media mushroom cloud

Jimmy Carter UPDATE: Authority on killer rabbits. Today he is a working media critic; in his latest book since being deposed, his diary calls his WH press corps "irresponsible," that he disliked the Washington Post and Newsweek, and wrote of the "prosecutorial mentality of the working press in general." Apparently he trusted only one big name, Scotty Reston, then of The NYTimes. For the wonderful days in his post presidency and his demonstrated humanity, Jimmy Carter is invited to occupy the Grump Radio chair, ask a question or questions plural without having to actually affiliate with Corrupt Bastards.

Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z, ...any friend of Warren Buffet and Mayor Bloomberg...

Dick Cavett, a pioneer TALK show pro should be the urbane-profane professional voice for this website: Westwood One should syndicate in the public interest... is Cavett qualified: His new book... "Talk Show: Confrontations, Pointed Commentary and Off-Screen Secrets." Meanwhile, enjoy Cavett's pithy personalty as a NYTimes Opinionator blog...

Lt. Dan Choi, retired, WikiPedia tells if you ask.

Connie Chung, veteran reporter, much too long away from TV news, highly qualified to be a media watchdog, even the ombudsman for press in general... she is needed to pick apart all the pissing-in-the-wind social networkers and bloggers... from 8th row, first chair...

Nick and Rosemary ClooneyRosemary and
Nick Clooney

Nick Clooney, morning television talk host, news anchor, columnist, game show host and AMC emcee, brother of Rosemary and father of George. Clooney became a strong activist for Darfur and has held several open forums and speeches at local high schools in Ohio and Kentucky. After a news career that stretches back to the Eisenhower administration, he's now part of the American University's School of Communication and the Newseum to work with a new generation of prospective journalists,

Ana Marie Cox, GQ Magazine, founding editor of political blog Wonkette; wrote the novel Dog Days, a satire of life in Washington; once appeared on the Don Imus radio show and later expressed second thoughts about same; was the first Washington-based correspondent for Air America Media and is becoming tuned into the country's mind-set as guest host for Rachel Maddow. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago with an AB degree in history.

Fr. James Renshaw Cox, (1886 - 1951) in absentia, a subversive of the type needed today. Wikipedia the gent. Volunteers to reprise his career invited to apply.

Matt Damon, could be a contender for the presidency as the Democrat nominee when Obama completes his two terms in January, 2017. Reasons: His demonstrated citizenship, his knowledge of how our political system is supposed to work, his deep interest in teachers on all levels of public education, and mostly... his deep rooted interest in critical water issues facing humankind. Damon is an international authority on planet-wide water matters. He was co-founder of Wikipedia Damon and be impressed.

Charley Decker, authority on seafood issues
Kae Denino, abolitionist,
Bob Dole, veterans affairs, concerns

Phil Donahue, producer of documentaries
Sam Donaldson, we miss your biting persona...

Daniel W. Drezner, a small letter-l libertarian Republican who, possibly, may be the best-equipped, best educated blogger in the nation. Make that the world today. His ink fame came when he authored All Politics is Global in 2007. His essays appeared in all the tony political/world affairs pubs, including the New York Times which no longer takes his calls. That, unlike the Times Op-Ed era of Harrrison Salisbury, Charlotte Curtis and John VanDoorn, happens to many of us. Today he is contributing editor to Foreign Policy magazine, not one of the circulation winners in today's ink-on-paper ABC list., however, let's back into the matter of blogs (the unscripted, ill-equipped junk journalism peckings from anonymous sources). This virtual briefing room balls-out avoids bloggers. Drezner does not want to be perceived as an untenured writer. Scan his bio. Drezner blogs from a platform of legitimacy, his magazine. His musings about his cautious steps into that scattershot level of the Internet... well, there's his ink-on-pulp text book, suggested title that may limit Barnes & Nobel sales... Intelligent Guide for Blogging. In answer the question: Who the hell is Daniel William (Pauls) Drezner?

Matt Drudge, America's news assignment editor, gossip id churns legit and other forms of smoke signals, tweets, blogs and Facebook drivel for multi-millions of daily followers; join us, come in from the cold,
also visit the Drudge Retort at

Michael Eric Dyson, a minister with a radio talk show, a prof at Georgetown University, an authority on racist politicians, knows workings of the Loony Fringe, and may be the GOP's second worst nightmare... he needs exposure from 8th row, first chair...

Daniel Ellsberg, if anyone could sort out the meaning of WikiLeaks for the United States, here's the man. Grump Radio needs his opinions posed as questions.

Tom Engelhardt, Would be a perfect fit into the Virtual White House press room... his website is billed as "a regular antidote to the mainstream media." Recently he asked ???s that may never get answers to his satisfaction... is the Libyan war legal? Was Bin Laden's killing legal? Those and others he keyboards, call out for debate... for answers.

Fast-Forward Journalism, a four-reporter collective to clarify what has happened, and is taking place with hair-trigger news reporting that confuses and repeatedly mystifies the general public:
• Howard Kurtz, Daily Beast, CNN Reliable Sources
• Ana Marie Cox, Washington Correspondent, GQ Magazine
• Michael Shear, The New York Times Internet Caucus
• Paul Steinhauser, CNN deputy political director

Luke Feck, newspaper ethicist, media watchdog
Richard Ferraro, GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)
Robert Fitrakis, strict Constitutionalist, media provocateur

Bob Forbes
Kip Forbes
Tim Forbes
Brevity prevails when it comes to Big Apple restaurant reviews... Forbes magazine has a staff load of "eatery experts," always led by sons of boss man Steve Forbes, Bob, Kip and Tim. They rate eateries with pastel dot suggestions to Go... Consider... Stop. There's the address and phone with a punchy paragraph on what to expect... always heavy on the food, few lost adjectives on woodwork, access or napery... as noted, it is a quick-fix edible enlightenment...

Carter Foy, radio marketer, talk show producer

Harry G. Frankfurt, Ph.D. This Ivy League philosopher has a proven ability to shovel through the debated meanings of life based on his concept of higher order volitions. Understand that? If confused download his WikiBio and appreciate both why we do not name his most famous literary work and why we nominate Professor Frankfurt to share the Grump Radio chair. John Stewart, The Daily Show, asked him questions; bet the moist muck he is loaded with ???s for the White House. Dr, Frankfurt on Wikipedia

Patri Friedman, Seasteader
John Fund, WSJ Columnist, "People do listen to talk radio"

Andy Gaspar, a media tech visionary on the future we have to live in, meanwhile, he opines, "there's real life in the virtual world."

Melinda Gates, Gates Foundation, education, Third world interests

Wael Ghonim, freedom in Egypt has a new hero, one who really must be credited to the growing strength of social networking. When Mubarak goons shut down the Internet, Al Jezeera... and Google, it was Google's resident marketing director, Wael Ghonim, who spoke out loudest. He was arrested, held in prison for days and eventually returned to the Cairo streets. He professed love for his wife and children, but said he was ready to die for freedom and democracy in Egypt, Look for Ghonim to be invited to all US-based talk shows. If this was newsprint news, the headline: Mubarak Quits, Thank Google's Wael...

Kathy Lynn Gray, crime reporter
Dick Gregory, we already have a David Gregory
Nora Gunning, Antioch College, social provocateur

Jane Harman, a true Blue Dog Democrat we hear so much about, has just quit that veil of tears known as Congress. The ACLU hates her. Lib Dems are not in her pocket. Once called herself "the best Republican in the Democratic Parthy." The lady is a Phi Beta Kappa lawyer out of Harvard, married her millions and lists her occupation as politician. In what amounts to a private life, she becomes head of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, supposedly a centrist-leaning think tank. Welcome to row 8, left seat.

Andrew Harper, sobriquet for compiler of the nation's most ethical travel newsletter, Hideaway Report. After decades of having P/R puff foisted on us as legit, here's an opionated source that pays all tabs, accepts zero from persons/places he reviews.

Michael Harrison, publisher, TALKERS Magazine, 20 years

Velma Hart, now a CNBC special contributor after telling the president in one of his back yard meetings that she's finding it difficult to "defend" his record, added, "but I'm not giving up on this country." We should dub her our Voters' Voice in the chair rear row left.

Chris Hayes, he's a print journalist with a radio voice of crisp tones, sharp as if he takes a quick breath between each word, diction perfection... would be a dream for anyone teaching (or we say today, explaining) elocution. In recent months, as Washington editor of the Nation, he has become the journeyman substitute to spell Rachel Maddow, a heavy hitter for MSNBC after sundown. The Hayes public affairs link runs deep: He is married to Kate Shaw, associate counsel to President Obama, an affiliation he is careful to note as a matter of ethical clarity. Of course, they reside in D.C.

Ken Hechler Ken Hechler, former West Virginia congressman, still a hell-raising liberal well into his 90s; authored the WW2 best seller, The Bridge at Remagen; was White House assistant to Harry Truman... thus his liberal stance in life and politics; was the only member of Congress to march with Martin Luther King; continues to campaign against mountaintop mining in WV... his long and busy life story in the stuff for movies...
Read his bio on Wikipedia

Dave Hess, investigative reporter retired from Knight-Ridder, his D. C. and National Press Club connections as its former president have value for the rear row, left chair; consumer protection law is his beat...

Christopher Hitchens, possibly the most prolific writer of this and the most recent decade, a social commentator, social provocateur, an unabashed athiest and a cancer patient putting his fate in the hands of science, Johnny Walker and not, as he explains, "in some almighty." Author of more than 60 books, his major mark is God Is Not Great. To his intellectual friends and editors, he is proud to be known as a bad ass. For his career as a combat journalist, he will be welcomed as a vocal member of the working White House press corps... the virtual one.

Krisztina Holly, USC, pro-commercialization of academia

Amy Holmes, a political commentator with a conservative bent, will eventually get her own talk show dealing with serious issues of the day. One show under development is being created to lure her talents and smiling persona...

Russel Honore, the "Category 5 General" who showed up the first day New Orleans was under Katrina's water and troops were roaming the city in military vehicles with loaded rifles. With a few choice profanities he directed them to stand down, lower their weapons with this advice: "Don't get stuck on stupid."

Clark Howard, HLN Money Expert
Deirdre Imus, strong advocate for promoting oncology and autism research; the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center For Pediatric Oncology. Her questions for 44 should relate to use of executive orders to cut through bureacratic stonewalling on all medical research.

Michael F. Jacobson, publisher Nutrition Action Healthletter, founder CSPI, authority on today's most pressing food issue needing top-level government attention, court enforcement: Chemical Cuisine. Details... Google: Center for Science in the Public Interest.

LeBron James, dribbler, on a first name basis with President Obama
Hugh Jidette, alias Peter G. Peterson, his jousting at windmills should be front and center in Press Room, but while the country nods, row 8, left corner is the best we can offer,

Tim Johnson Tom Johnson, staff, Western Reserve School of Cooking, former restaurant reviewer for WOSU-AM (Ohio State University); former state chef for Ohio where he was one of the creators of Heartland Cuisine, a marketing umbrella used to promote field and steam freshness grown and caught in Ohio. He is a veteran talk show guest on the topic of ills within our food production and marketing nationwide. Most famous quip: When reviewing newly introduced McDonald's chicken sandwiches he called them "compressed flesh."

David Jones, sports writer, authority on the money under belly of both college and pro sports; a tracker of money deals of coaches and their under-the-radar kinships with Wall Street. His first question will probe the innards of the NCAA.

Larry King, CNN's former grandfather of talk TV, now on the stand-up comedy circuit.

Ted Koppel, now working out of his refurbished Maryland barn and close enough to D.C. to make it into this press room, should be a regular (again) in a high visibility forum. He has too much time reflecting when he should be front and prime: "News is important to a democracy," adding "I think the journalism requires - and our times require - a little more serious objectivity..."

Joe Koran, authority on critical seafood issues
Marc Kramer, president Kramer Communications, a marketing strategy firm
Dennis Kucinich UPDATE: previously invited once he was out of Congress, however this liberal Congressman has filed one of those nutty lawsuits against a food purveyor claiming that an olive pit damaged his choppers. His suit asks $150,000 for his alleged pain and anguish.

Howard Kurtz, CNN Reliable Sources, The Daily Beast reporter/columnist
Norman Lear: "Mr. President, do you think the Tea Party needs my treatment?"

Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru, he daily works his way through the aisles shelving some 50,000 products in pretty packaging. With some 15,000 new products showing up annually, it takes trained eyes and tastes to advise on the best and worst. His judgments are based on eight criteria: taste, health, ingredients, appearance, sustainability, preparation, packaging and value. Considering what is happening to our food products in this country, the tainted imports, the recalls and ingredient confusion, Guru Lempert should have a cabinet post. His probing food beat questions to any high government entity will be of interest to everyone who spends a buck in a supermarket... any market, any convenience store.

Matt Lewis, conservative blogger,

Lisa Lillien, also known in major food circles as Hungry Girl, produces an informative newsletter reflecting on her research of new and familiar food products. She questions all diets. Repeat, all diets. Her newsletter reviews products and recipes she personally researches and/or creates. She is quick to note... she is not a chef, she's just hungry. What a pleasant addition to the chair in the rear row, left.

Julie MacIntosh, financial columnist,
Rachel Maddow, Press Room mix needs her

Thomas R. Malthus, to follow the Bill Buckley style when asking questions: He knew the answer before posing one...

Chief Wilma Mankiller: "Mr. President, about the 1950s relocation of my people..."

John Mariani, Ph.D, literature, Columbia University, America's senior restaurant reviewer with major credits in slick magazines; New York-based; has authored a stack of food and drink reference books themed on Italian cuisine, now in March, 2011, will see his authorative tome on the shelves... How Italian Food Conquered the World... Palgrave Macmillan, publisher. From the Grump Radio chair, rear row left, his food-related ???s will be headline grabbers. The world's water and food supplies are in peril. That's his beat.

How Italian Food Conquered the World

Tod Marks, VP Consumer Reports, to keep WH alert when it comes to shady retail practices, if nothing else give wider exposure to his "naughty and nice" list

Ben Marrison, practicing advocate of strong Sunshine Laws. Quill magazine (Society of Professional Journalists) recently headlined a story asking: Where are the watchdogs? Answer: As the hard-nosed editor of the Columbus Dispatch he leads a squad of veteran reporter-journalists-attorneys using chapter and verse of the Freedom of Information act to keep public records sunny and open. As with most daily newspapers the Marrison enforcers deal with a coverage area encompassing scores of government jurisdictions... each with rotating public officials as elections dictate. Never expect elected officials to police themselves. While many showcase copies of the U. S. Constitution, zero
is the number for those familiar with FOI.
Follow Ben Marrison's Blog

Click: Let the sunshine in...

Kathleen Troia McFarland, handled Pentagon public affairs during Reagan's 1982 to 1985 years, first big score was typing the president's daily briefing in the West Wing as a freshman at George Washington University. Later studied at Oxford U. and MIT, concentrated on nuclear weapons, China and the USSR. Now a Fox News analyst. Great potential questioner in an Obama-era briefing room.

George McGovern
Phil McGraw, Ph.D
Jeanne Meyers, co-founder,

Greg Mitchell, the gent probably has more collective media knowledge in his Mac folders than any single writer in the nation... his background is in ink... he was for years editor of Editor & Publisher, the magazine bible for working and aspiring reporters. The Mitchell home library is loaded with his books on timely subjects reflecting the hot topics of the pub dates for each. An example of his time factor when writing: WikiLeaks took a leap into ink journals such as the New York Times and London's Guardian in April, 2010. This posting date of late January, 2011, sees Mitchell's newest: The Age of WikiLeaks between covers. In his months of production he gained a worldwide audience with a daily WikiLeaks blog at The Nation. Talk about revelatory writing... one fan of Mitchell's career, as well as his WikiLeaks research... Daniel Ellsberg...
Link to Mitchell's The Nation Blog

Russell Mokhiber, A politically active West Virginian with both a cause and writing ability to make the Internet a tool for change.
For blogging style follow...
He can be reached at

Ramona Moon, writer, actress, researches out-of-print books
Dee Dee Myers

Murray Nossel, South African clinical psychologist (Narativ)
Christine O'Donnell, currently unemployed

Tom O'Hara, a grizzled former managiing editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer apparently made a wrong career turn when he decided to accept a post as faculty advisor for Ohio State University's student-run daily newspaper, The Lantern. He had been hired in August, 2008. Along the way a couple of J-school students asked for his opinion of the newspaper and its importance within the OSU administration. O'Hara said he found "institutional disdain for the Lantern and journalism students." Zap. No tenure there in expressing his opinion, possibly because it ended up on YouTube. Today O'Hara is in a warmer climate, both professionally and physically. He is in United Arab Emirates plying his inky trade for an English-language newspaper based outside of Dubai.

James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe, youthful conservative blogger armed with hidden video cameras positioned in public settings for old school gotcha interviews. He scored while posing as a pimp in search of Acorn help using public monies to set up a prostitution biz... Acorn died a quick death from the adverse publicity. Using the same ploy O'Keefe's video of public radio execs talking politics and not needing Uncle Sam's support almost over-night sealed their fate in the public mind. They resigned. O'Keefe reaped loads of personal publicity playing a self-appointed, sans portfolio citizen journalist. Now legit media types debate his qualifications. As with our invitation to Matt Drudge, this blogger should come in from the cold and ask questions in a briefing room with the big leaguers...

Keith Olbermann, Edward R. Murrow wept. Izzy Stone arose and dusted off his Woodstock.

James Parsons, M.D., infectious disease authority
Ron Pataky, Ph.D, clinical psychotherapy
Jerry Pearce, syndicated as The Radio Detective, retired P.I.
Sean Penn, the ist public citizen, protagonist, humanist, realist, socialist...

Charles Stuart Platkin, M.D., The Diet Detective
Colin Powell
Bill Press
Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian citizen, a multi-millionaire who has holdings in the USA, including the New Jersey Nets, a pro basketball franchise, plans to run against that old Soviet guy, Vladimir Putin, in the coming election for the presidency. Putin's party no longer flies the Communist flag, but his method of operation isn't far from the hammer and sickle. Prokhorov is talking about "reform." In Russia, even today, is dangerous to life and limb. Wish him well...

Alex Prud'Homme, researcher of the slow death for earth, The Ripple (*) Effect, as the most pressing problem facing humankind...
(*) -- Scroll to Book 96

Bill Rasmussen, founder ESPN Television

Dan Rather, Dan Rather Reports, HDNet, Current TV
View: Dan Rather Reports: The 100th Episode

Rachael Ray, unscripted lobbyist, CNN junkie, Capital Hill lobbyist in behalf of childhood nutrition, obesity issues, cures for school lunches, food banks.
Read Ms. Ray's plea on child hunger

Ron Reagan, a frequent guest voice for rational middle Amarica, the son of a former president and brother of a right wing radio talker, needs a television show. He needs TV time as a host with a provocateur's approach. His show waiting in the wings... Ron Reagan

Ruth Reichl

Ryan Rhodes Tea Party

Ryan Rhodes, founded and runs the Iowa Tea Party. He is gearing up for a fight when Iowa caucuses gather in homes next winter. Come fall every network will be airing his views. So, before sitting before the tube and wondering about this young man, read his battle plan. Prediction: Tea Partiers will control Iowa for the 2012 campaign. Republicans? Also rans. At age 28, Rhodes qualifies as a professional politican... which is not all bad.

Read his Iowa Tea Party Plan for Holding Candidates Accountable blog

Steve Roberts, ombudsman for media, print, digital, social, cable
Mo Rocca
H. Clarke Romans, director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southern Arizona... that includes Tucson, setting for the deadly Congress On Your Corner killings by a mental case using 30-count Glock clip...

Charlie Rose, literate North Carolinian, rare breed
Salman Rushdie, Would he dare to appear?
Mark Russell, Washington needs his PBS humor with insight
Eric Schlosser, author, Fast Food Nation

Ed Schultz, that man should have two shows to get his message across to middle America. When the next chair in the virtual white house press room is vacated, it will be assigned to the MSNBC brawler Ed Schultz in his name. His radio show is sanity's answer to Rush Limbaugh and is heard on Sirius Satellite's Sirius Left channel. Unlike Limbaugh, Schultz likes to get outdoors and take his show to the streets... to his middle America. Ed Schultz

Rachel Sklar, Mediate...
Mort Sahl
Kathleen Sebelius, once departing government

Roy Sekoff, as founding editor of Huffington Post plus a long list of movie and TV credits, he qualified to ask ???s about this nation's state of affairs... Google him for details...

Frank Sesno, media prof, George Washington University
Al Sharpton
Jeff Sheban, reporter, international beat

Shirley Sherrod, a classic example of what is wrong with permitting libel-infused bloggers to get away with ruining public careers... Sherrod should be a full-time panelist on media TV shows...or teaching at some top rated J-school...

Amity Shlaes, SR Fellow, Economic History, Council on Foreign Relation

Tom Shales: "TV critics are needed now more than ever."
Click for his full story

Marc Silverstein
Richard Simmons

Carole Simpson Carole Simpson, veteran ABC-TV anchor who has been shoved around by a bunch of network management types, airs her story in a new book... News Lady. Possibly race and gender overshaddowed Simpson's well-known talent... at times we live in a lousy, unfair country... Find her book on

Upton Sinclair, 1878-1968 "Where's the beef?"
Curtis Sliwa
Jon Oliver Smith, cartoon historian

Raymond Sokolov, international food authority, former roving restaurant reviewer for the Wall Street Journal where his Eating Out columns appeared from 2006 to 2010. A Fulbright scholar, Harvard grad, a foreign correspondent for
Newsweek in Paris and in the mid-1970s became restaurant critic and food editor for the New York Times where he covered the decor, lore and politics of the New York restaurant scene. Sokolov fast tracks changes in cuisines. Sokolov knows the political side of food and restaurants. That is his value for having a direct link to high echelon policy makers in government. And, it is a pity the newly revamped WSJ cannot find space for his commentary on the daily-changing dining-out / eating-out scenes in the restaurant world. Why is it an excellent idea for all levels and fringes of the food world-industry-business-service to canonize Raymond Sokolov? The Cook's Canon, 2003, Harper Collins, or Amazon. Raymon Sokolov Cook's Canon
(Related Note: The Cook's Canon is ranked No. 11 in the 96-volumn teaching website,, a no-note, no tuition graduate course in food writing, food reporting and reviewing in the treacherous field of journalistic criticism.)

Aaron Sorkin, he's been close to the WH press briefing room before. At least a virtual one. Sorkin created a virtual White House when he wrote and produced TV's acclaimed West Wing. This year of 2011 his keyboard jackpot is the movie, The Social Network. For further fun and games he's researching North Carolina's proud political accident, John Edwards. For the primary reason Sorkin should have a voice in this media briefing room, his questions might reflect what makes him tick. Sorkin is upset about... quote "the glamourization of dumbness." His working example: Sarah Palin. What better place to
seathe than Row 8, left seat?

George Soros, proponent to revive the estate tax
Eliot Spitzer, now unencumbered in a partnership, he needs to take CNN Studio breaks and do his provocateuring in proximity of top policy makers, eighth row, first chair.

Ben Stein, every man's protagonist
Howard Stern, primary First Amendment defender
David Stockman, Reagan Admin., pitches plan to cut nat'l deficit in half
Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder has retained one of 30,000 lobbyists on K Street in D.C. A soft spoken, top tech type, Stone says Twitter has gone far beyond social-network status, that breaking news is fuel for the millions of Twitter users, that he envisions Twitter as legitimate media. He's a Steve Jobs brain with a GQ tailor.

Izzy Stone: "Mr-President, when did you stop beating your wife?"

Ted Strickland, as governor of Ohio, refused to join others from Cracker states leading an assault on freshly minted health care, has joined "Health Project" to seek bipartisan solutions for change; his partners... Democrat Tom Daschle and Republican Bill Frist, both former Senate majority leaders... Ted Strickland

Lanny Swerdlow, RN,
George Taber, author, Judgment Of Paris, 1976
Athan G. Theoharis, a pioneer in the business of using Freedom of Information Act legal routes, his bio is loaded with real spy stories and illicit acts of U. S. Government secrecy. Theo was the worst headache for J. Edgar Hoover and partner Clyde Tolson... rather than being confined to dusty file folders and aging brittle reel-to-reel tapes, what about his inquisition of White House
occupants with today's relevant ???s

Helen Thomas, she's no longer front and center, but still pitching darts; still advising with ???s; her latest is a "say it isn't so, Mr. President... you surely are not going to make a deal with with Republicans to cut Social Security benefits are you?" She is now a columnist for the Falls Church (VA) News-Press.


Touré, cultural critic, serves on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee. He's our designated scripter to do a book (not fiction) on the many personalities seated in the front 49 assigned chairs of the White House press room. What a novel approach?

Donald Trump UPDATE: on the Joy Behar thing when asked if he toys with any thoughts of running for the presidency:"I don't want to build roads in Iraq. I want to build roads in New Jersey. I want to build roads in Iowa." Idle thought: When he announces it will be done on the Jay Leno hour or from the Grump Radio chair. CHANGE OF PLANS: he's gone bat-dung nuts with his Birther nonsense.

John Van Doorn, veteran ink-on-pulp reporter, a foreign correspondent who returned alive. winner of the Ernie Pyle Award (circa 1965), deputy editor of Week in Review of New York Times, managing editor of New York Post, executive editor of New York magazine, now a columnist for North (San Diego) County Times. His long and winning career illustrates the type of newspapering (nee journalism) a free and intelligent nation needs.

Cesar Vargas,

Jesse Ventura UPDATE: previously invited for his combativeness. Pass on that reasoning. The muscled one has filed a law suit against the Dept. of Homeland Security after being patted down in some airport. Bet your bundle Ventura will get at least a half dozen invites to appear on TV gossip shows... side bet... Joy Behar will ask him about having his "junk" rearranged...

Gore Vidal, author, international raconteur

Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa engineering student, may have a career in politics instead of his chosen field. He addressed the Iowa House of Representatives appealing to keep the state's present marriage equality law. His strength of family centers on his two mothers. He opposes a joint resolution that would end civil unions in that flat land. His brilliant public speaking talent would be lost as an engineer of any sort. When old enough, run for Congress as a fresh voice. Meanwhile, welcome to Row 8, left seat.
Watch his very convincing message on YouTube

Jimmy Wales, founder, Wikipedia... no ads, no agenda, no strings attached
Carolyn Walkup, premier authority on restaurant business

Elizabeth Warren, She really said this...
Elizabeth Warren

Alice Waters
Kenneth Weine, VP of Communications, Consumers Union

Jann Wenner, promotes a campaign called the "Power of Print." His magazine now has a seat in the Virtual White House press room. He has opinions about the hard sell of the iPad, that it will take decades to become full bore and replace print. Think thrice before giving up the crisp crinkle of morning newsprint. Jann Wenner on Wikipedia

Tim Wu, Columbia Law professor/censorship authority
Margo G. Wootan, CSPI nutrition policy director

Janine Zacharia Janine Zacharia, American journalist stationed in Jerusalem, appears periodically with Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources, CNN.

David Zartman, Ph.D, OSU Agricultural Emeritus
Sam Zell, journalism's train wreck
Mark Zuckerman, Facebook, TIME'S Person of the Year 2011, an Internet gad-about, a social septic tank, a source to trace lost persons, Internet proof that gossip has an unedited, habit-forming outlet, a matchmaker matchmaker, and, still, a choice far more acceptable than past names such as Newt Gingrich (1995) and Adolf Hitler (1938). Time's Person on the Year Article

Advisory: Should your memory genes fail, an e-mail to will get a brief identification and affiliation as to above named personalities. Each will be invited to pose a question relating to today's national issues.



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