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44, thinkers, writers, media students, (*) others need to... pose questions of national importance...

435 + 50 = Jay Carney(**), a slow pipeline to Obama, 44...

This website is here as the venue for all with opinions phrased as questions who want to start at the top...

Problem with all that:

  Setting: The White House Press Room
  Invitation: Sit-in on questions you may have wanted to ask...
  Virtual Reporter: We've added our own rows, in addition to the traditional seven-by-seven (49) position chart...

Corrupt Bastards: Corrupt Bastards, huh? Let Google explain. Keyboard the all-knowing / all compiling Google and there in .19 of a second… all of a sudden, voila: (vwä-'lä) about 1,070,000 results:

1. Sarah Palin: 'Corrupt Bastards' In Media Tried To Find...

Oct 31, 2010 ... WASHINGTON -- Former Governor Sarah Palin launched a broadside attack on the news media Sunday, charging the industry with wholesale... (link to Huffington post)

We offer our suggested invitees and your chance to join this august group... or decline our invitation. Learn more about Corrupt Bastards on this page... click here.

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

Row 9
Row 10
Row 11
Row 12

NBC News FOX News CBS News The Associated Press ABC News Reuters Cable News Network (CNN)
The Wall Street Journal CBS Radio National Public Radio (NPR) The Washington Post The New York Times Associated Press Radio
Agemce France-Presse USA Today The McClatchy Company American Urban Radio Networks Politico Tribune Company ABC Radio
Foreign Pool MSNBC
The Washington Times New York Daily News National Journal Voice of America Congress Daily
Newsweek Time Magazine The Hill
Hearst Corporation New York Post Fox News Radio Chicago Sun-Times
Washington Examiner Commerce Clearing House
Salem Radio Network
MediaNews Group The Christian Science Monitor Bureau of National Affairs Dow Jones & Company
Talk Radio Network Dallas Morning News
Boston Globe Christian Broadcasting Network British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News E. W. Scripps Company Financial Times
Grump Radio Food Mess Alert Grumpy Gourmet USA National Enquirer I.F. Stone Weekly American Humanist Association Amnesty International
The Populist Al Jazerra The Columbus Dispatch TALKERS magazine The Des Moines Register The Nation Nation's Restaurant News
Gossip Is Good TVNewser Dan Rather Reports     Steve Brill Watchdog   Poynter Institute   Mother Jones Frank Sesno Backstage    
Rolling Stone The Daily Beast Food Reporting Syllabus     Center for Science in the Public Interest   Cookbook Keepers   Drudge Report Drudge Retort    
Eric Deggans Jerry Springer Rachel Maddow     News of the Weird   Jon Stewart's Daily Show   Morgan Spurlock Father James Renshaw Cox    
  Hover your mouse over the seats above and click to learn more about each organization. Familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's Briefing Room Overview:
  In America, Your Fourth Branch of Government:

Your First Amendment, endangered though it may be, is in the hands of the legitimate reporters seated in the 49 assigned chairs in the White House press room. Are they getting answers to questions posed???
  Why this Website?

I want my Internet space, eight row left, looking at the podium. Oh, say for the recent five decades I’ve wanted one of the seats in the White House press room… through all of those press secretaries in the various administrations.

I always had a question for the briefings. And when the president is holding sway, the urge to take part is enhanced. Now, since there is a chair marked GRUMP RADIO, I have a spot, in spirit, that is. With plenty of company in the additional rows.

I go into this website knowing our president, any president, has powers to make decisions not in keeping with consensus. His or her, when that happens, is in a position to use his executive orders to serve this nation. He has that bully pulpit… he has veto power.

I have questions… Follow along, cousin.

– Doral Chenoweth

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